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car scratch remover system

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System™  with upgraded CUSTOM touch up paint kit Bundle  will do everything the Original Version will do PLUS it do virtually ANY TYPE of touch up paint repair you will come across! This is THE most complete kit on the internet...PERIOD.

fix car scratch system

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System™  original kit will handle 80% of the typical normal clear coat everyday surface car scratches you will encounter.  *get the upgraded bundle if you will need touch up paint repairs.

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I really prefer to let my customers tell you about their car scratch removal success, since at the end of the day that's all that really matters.


Hi Karl,
I want to say what an awesome product you have! I was definitely skeptical when I purchased it online but I knew that wouldn't be out anything if it didn't work due to the size of scratch I had on my vehicle. The local body shop wanted $2000 to fix the scratch but once I received the Ultimate Scratch Remover Kit I got to work on the vehicle. After about 15 minutes of opening the kit, both my wife and I were amazingly impressed with the results that we were seeing. I've been telling everyone about this product and the amazing job it did to my vehicle.
I've attached before and after pictures to share.
Lloydminster, AB, Canada

Dude... I've got to tell you this kit is fabulous!  I took out several ugly scratches on one of the quarter panels and on a couple of the doors.   I LOVE the safeT sand and I used it on quite a few scratches today. Thanks a bunch for a great product, oh and thanks for the window cleaning cloth.
Catch you later:
PS  I attached pictures of my success :-)

I love your product.  I got the scratches out of my car and this weekend and we tried it on our son's 2000 Nissan Maxima headlight.  One was replaced in an accident and the other was the original lens (very yellow).  We always thought that was some sort of condensation on the inside.  The light got almost like new!  I am completely satisfied and have been recommending you to my friends.
Thank you!!!!

NOTE:  The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover system can restore foggy yellow headlights.
In addition to being the finest car scratch remover product in the world,  one of the many benefits of the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover system is it can restore foggy yellow headlight lenses, as Donna found out!
You can pay $25+ for a headlight kit from the "other guys"  but you can do it for FREE when you own the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System!

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My Promise To You, You Will Get Professional Looking Results
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Unconditional, NO BS…. ONE FULL YEAR money back guarantee. If you are not TOTALLY amazed with the results,  you get your full purchase price back. NO QUESTIONS NO HASSLE.
I am confident I can help you just like  I have helped people all over the world get awesome results.

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  • Key Scratch
  • Random Clear Coat Scuff
  • Paint Chip

Basically scratches fall into three general categories.  The "trick" is to evaluate your unique situation and decide the appropriate technique (or combination).  This will  be the most important video you ever watch.  Get it now - it's free!

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