Deep Key Scratch On A Car

Very Deep long scrape from a child's bicycle handle bar. (touch up paint technqiue)
This  involved removing clear coat scratches and doing a touch up paint technique.  Everything you need for this type of repair is in the special Upgraded Bundle with the custom touch up paint kit.   This type of damage will run minimum of $850.00+ per panel  at a body shop.  This vehicle had this deep scrape along the door and front fender so this car owner was looking at a bill of about $1700.00

A deep key scratch on a car can be a tramatic event.  Disrespect for your personal property, sick to your stomach,  embarassment of what others did something to deserve it,  and a feeling of being violated for no apparent reason are just a few things car owners feel when someone makes deep key scratches on your car.

The worst part of a vandal key scratch on your car  is that it is embarrassing and having to drive the car around until a body shop can fix or while you haggle with your insurance company... it can be a few weeks or more before you come to a decision.  Many times its retaliation from someone you know, could be an employee, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse...or simply an angry random person that is jealous of your car.

NOBODY deserves to have their personal property vandalized...period.  NOBODY should have to go through the embarrassment of driving a car with key scratches.

Stick with me, further down, I am going to show you an easy touch up paint method that will camouflage a typical clear coat deep key scratch.

Deep Key Scratch -
automobile paint and body shop.

The cost of taking your automobile to a body shop for a deep key scratch is further anguish for a car owner.   Modern clear coat finishes are very expensive to repaint. A deep key scratch being refinished at a autobody shop will entail  repainting the entire door, fender or quarter panel. For instance on a four door sedan automobile,  if two or three panels out of four on one side of the car have a deep key scratch the body shop will want to repaint the entire side of the vehicle.  This is because the body shop wants to hedge their bet and if the color is slightly off you will never know because you can not look at both sides of a car at the same time.

NOTE:  I worked in a classic car restoration shop when I was in the surfboard building business many moons ago.  In that world of vintage collector cars if there was some bodywork necessary  you can ONLY  "panel shoot" which means only spray a door, a fender etc.  This is because you want to preserve the value of the automobile.    This requires the painter to be able to "tweak" the OEM formula by eye if it is not an exact match.  Matching a color by eye is a long lost art and in todays  high volume body shops they can not afford for a painter to take a whole day to get a color to be a perfect match...therefore in regular collision work they "blend" which means they feather the paint into the adjacent panel so there is a gradual transition if the paint is not spot on match...and the untrained eye can't detect the blend.  I see it every day in the mall parking lots on late model cars since my eyes notice a blend immediately.

In most major city markets, and reputable shop,  the cost of repainting one panel with OEM  two stage paint (base color + clear coat)  is approximately
$650.00  -  $1200.00    the higher end is a engine hood which has roughly 1.5 - 2 times the area of a door or fender .    Now figure if you have just two panels  (door + fender)  at the low end you will be looking at $1300.00   the high end $2400.00 dollars.    Also factor in you probably will be without your car for a week.

No  body shop will simply do a cheap-o spray   "spot in"   deep key scratch paint damage since there is a chance the sprayed area will not blend perfectly and this is due to the prevalence of metallic and pearls in modern car paint finishes and they pick up light in different ways depending a whole variety of spraying conditions.   Plus the amount of labor to spot in  or respray the entire panel is about the same anyway.

Also factor in when you are the victim of a malicious deep key scratch if you go though your insurance it is possible  your rates will go up the following year.   Many experts advise that if damage is within  $300.00 -  $500.00  of your deductible that you should pay for it out of pocket and not go through your insurance.  So say you have a $1000 deductible (very common today )  just two panels with deep key scratches  approx $1300.00 you probably should pay for it yourself.   If you have three panels and you really want to have it fixed  you probably would go through your car insurance.

Deep Key Scratch Touch Up Paint Alternative

However stick with me YOU DO HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE to use touch up paint to fix deep key scratches that will set you back about $100.00  now compare that to what a auto body shop would charge and that should put a smile on your face.

The  videos  below shows an effective way to do a simple touch up paint technique to camouflage a automobile deep key scratch on car paint.

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover with upgraded custom touch up paint kit

The video below shows a fast and effective way to use touch up paint to camouflage the key damage scratch and make the vehicle respectable until you can get it to the body shop or buy you time while you decide what to do.   Rest assured that the touch up paint  repair is permanent and will protect your car finish and enhance the look and cover up the damage  - so you may decide you don't need to go to a automobile body shop after all...and keep your hard earned money.

The car touch up paint technique shown in the video will help camoflauge the deep key scratches and they will not stand out when viewed from a normal distance (approx 3 feet) and thus overall result is “virtually invisible”.

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Unknown source of long key scratch type damage removed in this video.  This video shows a combination of techniques to remove parts of the scratch with wet sanding and applying touch up paint to the parts that were too deep to effectively wet sand and polish out.  The scratch was about 2 feet long and covered most of the quarter panel.  Another example of clear coat damage that can be permanently removed with the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover system.  *Patented Safe-T-Sand accessory can work magic on scratches that are within safe limits to wet sand.

Multiple scrapes similar to a key scratch. The same technique is used where by you smear paint and then remove the excess leaving paint just in the scrape itself.

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