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How Much To Fix A Scratch On A Car

“How  much to fix a scratch on a car”  is a loaded question if there ever was one. Some choices have “hidden” and far reaching costs beyond just the initial cost. Many people think that a scratch is just a cosmetic problem and not worth having repaired. However, experts say that in most cases, it’s…

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Car Scratch Repair Costs

“Uggg, what does a real world  car scratch repair cost ?”  It happens every day  to thousands of car owners.  Vehicles have run-ins with rogue shopping carts. Passersby run their keys across other people’s cars. Unfortunate parking decisions leave automobiles vulnerable to falling branches and close encounters with other vehicles. These mishaps leave behind scratches of varying…

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Best Car Scratch Remover For Cars

The best car scratch remover for cars for YOU is one that not only works fast but designed so that YOU can get great results safely without any prior experience.  YOU  should not need guess work involved, simply read the instruction and watch the videos showing the exact steps and follow along. PLUS you want…

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Leather Love

Keeping your leathe interior looking and smelling like new for years is actually quite easy. Did you know professional detailers charge between $125 -$250  do do a “leather service” and thats just one time…you really need to do this 2X  a year… that’s $250 – $500  a year for one car. Stick with me and…

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