Leather Love

Keeping your leathe interior looking and smelling like new for years is actually quite easy. Did you know professional detailers charge between $125 -$250  do do a “leather service” and thats just one time…you really need to do this 2X  a year… that’s $250 – $500  a year for one car. Stick with me and…

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apply paint sealant on new cars

Apply Paint Sealant On New Cars

Apply Paint Sealant On New Cars Applying a professional paint sealant is super simple.  In fact it’s WAY easier and faster than old fashion carnauba paste wax and liquid wax! Your first line of defense against ordinary scuffs, scratches, Mother Nature is to apply paint sealant on new cars as soon as possible.  You may…

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How To Remove Common Clear Coat Scratches

How To Remove Clear Coat Scratches. This guide is a super quick overview to learn how to remove clear coat scratches from cars, how to determine what type of clear coat scratch you have and how to correct it. Learning how to remove  clear coat scratches  can be easy if you understand  what type of…

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clear coat scratches

3 Things You Didn’t Know That Scratch Car Paint

  Innocent mistakes by new car owners is the leading cause of clear coat damage.  This typically happens when the car owner washes the car at home, attempts to remove something that does not belong on the paint (bird poop, sap,  bug splat ) or takes the car to a automatic car wash place. 1. …

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