apply paint sealant on new cars

Apply Paint Sealant On New Cars

Apply Paint Sealant On New Cars

Applying a professional paint sealant is super simple.  In fact it’s WAY easier and faster than old fashion carnauba paste wax and liquid wax!

Your first line of defense against ordinary scuffs, scratches, Mother Nature is to apply paint sealant on new cars as soon as possible. 

You may wonder what is the difference between what is commonly referred to as an automotive wax and an
automotive paint sealant.

The difference between the two is surprisingly simple.  A typical automobile carnauba wax is formulated from carnauba wax and or bees wax and other assorted types of waxes.  Carnauba wax by itself is a natural product that has excellent water repellency, breathability, generates a nice luster, and natural UV protection.   Now without getting into all of the grades of carnauba wax suffice to say that the purer and the higher the carnauba concentration …the more expensive it is.  However, it does not protect any longer than 4-6 weeks no matter how much you spend on a carnauba wax paste.

“Carnauba wax is a natural product and essentially “sits” on top of the paint…and evaporates quickly in the real world due to the sun, rain, wind etc, therefore the protection is short lived.”

Therefore when you buy a tin can or bottle from the auto parts store for $4.99 (mostly cheap fillers and bees wax), and it says it’s 100% carnauba wax…just remember you get what you pay for.  Believe it or not there are exotic blends of carnauba paste wax that cost $10,000.00 and more!   Folks… that’s not a typo…that is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

High quality carnauba wax is great for enthusiasts that don’t mind frequent wax applications because…

“carnauba wax simply sits on top of the paint and in the real world, only protects for about 4-6 weeks!”

Now enter the modern professional automotive paint finish sealant for new cars; polymer paint sealant technology originally came from the aircraft industry.

“professional synthetic paint sealant formulas for new car clear coat finishes actually bond chemically to the paint finish and last for 6-8 months”

Because of the paint sealant chemistry, sealants deliver a very hard coating which actually bond to the clear coat paint surface.  Paint sealants for new cars are extremely slick…and happens to be the best protection you can get from ordinary scuffs and scratches, superior UV protection and  of course abusive automatic carwashes!  But of course you would  NEVER  take your new car to a “swirl-o-matic” auto car wash place right!?

Purists claim that a automobile paint sealant for new cars deliver a “cold shine” compared to carnauba wax which gives a “warm glow”.

This is because…paint  sealants tend to allow more reflectance because the synthetic paint sealant formula is a thinner more transparent layer. Carnauba wax is a thicker layer (larger molecules) and less transparent and thus cuts down on the reflectance so it delivers a warm glow or shine.  This is especially true of high quality carnauba wax formulated with yellow carnauba wax.   There is white and yellow carnauba wax used in automobile wax products.

So if you really want to, you can use plain carnauba wax, over a modern paint sealant, every once and a while to get a nice show car shine that only carnauba wax can do. In fact this is exactly what many modern day car enthusiasts do …a base coat of a quality paint sealant…and pure carnauba wax top coat from time to time for that hand waxed look.

The professional paint sealant  that is available in the store at Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System
( delivers professional long lasting shine and protection.)

Car dealers and auto detailers would prefer you don’t how easy it is to apply a professional paint sealant…since this is a great up sell for them.  Depending on the car dealership or detailer they can charge anywhere from $250.00 to $500.00+ for this service.

For the first time ever you now have the ability to apply the same protection at home and have the finest protection available for your new car!

The Extreme Shine Sealant  kit offered by The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System company has enough formula to do 2 average size cars and the protection will last 6-8 months.  Or keep one car protected for a year. (the kit has 4oz (120ml)

The amount needed per average size car  application is 2oz.   A professional paint sealant is to applied in a VERY thin layer in fact so thin you can’t really see you put much  on until it hazes prior to buffing.

To keep your car protected all year long simply apply paint sealant on new cars  2X a year ….Spring and Fall.

Here is how to apply paint sealant on new cars:

  1. Wash the car and dry
  2. Optional step – Use the Righteous Rubber synthetic clay bar (see this on claying) or traditional detail clay.
  3. Apply the paint sealant (quarter size amount for an entire door) to a moistened foam or micro fiber applicator. (by keeping the applicator moist it will keep the applicator from absorbing sealant make spreading the professional paint sealant more efficient and waste less. (use filtered or distilled water or Purple glide or a detail spray)
  4. Apply the paint sealant to a entire panel at once – entire door or fender or engine hood etc.
  5. Let the paint sealant cure and haze – on a warm day 70F degrees  this will only take 3-5 minutes.
  6. Buff the area with the pro micro fiber tow.   Remove the paint sealant haze with one side of the towel (folded in quarters) then quickly buff with another clean side.
  7. Continue around the car.

You will notice that the paint sealant haze buffs to a shine with very little effort.
TIP: As you move around the car you may need to remoisten your applicator pad to apply paint sealant to new cars. 
TIP: when removing the haze use a “chipping” motion and move from one side to the other side across the panel…rather than circular motions.  This makes removing the haze much faster and keeps you from rubbing the dust back into the paint

OPTIONAL technique:
You may decide to clay your car prior to applying the sealant.  Refer to (this article) for the  Claying with the Righteous Rubber synthetic clay bar.

Do one panel complete ( clay and sealant)  at at time and work your way around the car. For instance – Clay a door then apply sealant, move to the next panel, fender ect then clay then apply sealant.  This way you completely finish the panel in case you have to stop for the day and come back later.

So there you have it how to apply paint sealant to new cars.  It’s a piece of cake and the easiest thing you can do for your modern clear coat paint finish.